Power Management

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A). Power Distribution Unit

The Normal Power Distribution Unit available with different types sockets configurations ( Indian 5A,lndian 5/15, Intel Multipin, IEC Sockets) and All PDU's are Rated and protected with MCB & Fuses to meet different industrial requirements. Input either Open or with Indian / lEC Plugs. Available in horizontal and vertical Mounting Models with Single & Three Phase Variants

B). Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

Intelligent PDU that simplifies access to and control of power in the data center.


  • * Remote serial and TCP/IP access to outlet-level switching.

  • * Unit-level and outlet-level power utilization information.

  • * Alerts via SNMP, e-mail, and syslog when thresholds are exceeded.

  • * Remote power cycling and monitoring.

  • * 256-bit AES encryption and strong passwords.

  • * Advanced authorization options including outlet-level permissions and LDAP/S, RADIUS, and Active Directory.

  • * Supports HTTP, HTTPS, IPMI, SMASH-CLP, SSH, Telnet and SNMP.

  • * User-configurable, outlet-level delays for power sequencing.

C). ATS Switch

A transfer switch is an electrical switch that switches a load between two sources. ... An Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is often installed where a backup generator is located, so that the generator may provide temporary electrical power if the utility source fails.