Server and network racks

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A). Server Rack – ( 42U 600*1000, 42U 600*1200, 42U 800*100 & 42U 800*1200 )

Used in Tier 1 & Tier2 Data center, Server Room & Hub room:

B). Closed Network Rack – ( 42U 600*600, 42U 600*800, 42U 800*800 & 42U 800*1200 )

Used in to keep L2, L3 Network switches, Routers, DVR equipment, News Studio, Cable TV Operator

C). 2 Post & 4 Post Open Frame Rack for Cabling – (45U Frame with 150mm Vertical Cable Manager, 6"8"12" HDCM): -

Used in all types of structure managed cabling & networking in server room, hub room and network room.

D). Floor Mount Server & Network Rack – (27U, 24U, 22U, 17U & 15U Heights):-

Mostly used in small network & Server set up, branch office, Audio Video, DVR, UPS equipment placing.

E). Wall mounted Single & Double Section Rack – (4U, 6U, 9U, 12U & 15U Heights):-

Mostly used in Banks, branch office, manufacturing Plants, warehouses, retail stores, cctv or DVR, UPS equipment placing.

F). Out Door Rack IP 55-65 & 66 Rating ,Wall mounted ,Pole Mount & Floor Mount Rack – (4U, 6U, 9U, 12U,15U,18U & 24U Heights):-

Mostly used in Smart Cities Project, Plants, factories, warehouses, Airports, Ships, Railway Network for CCTV or DVR, UPS equipment placing.